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Eco-city, Town in Crater

January 18, 2011 , Posted by byu at 4:08 AM

This town will be built in crater made in man. Its(the concept eco-city, environmental friendliness and applied as new industry zone in Russia.

AB ELISE, architecture design housing of Russia, has developed project of ysg called as Eco-city 2020, what addressed as rehalitasi industrial zone in town Mirny, Yakutia. this Eco-city will be built in artificial crater having diameter around 1 kilometre with depth of 550 meter.

Crater made in this it is possible that is the biggest dig aperture in second world. This dig will be closed over by glass arch. This eco-city area wide total reachs 2 million square meters, ready to accommodate 100000.

The its(the architects hopes " garden city" this will become landmark in Siberia Timur. Even its(the design have been finished, the existing finite of its(the development still have not heard in Yakutia.

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