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10 Simple Tips on How to Kiss a Girl

March 15, 2010 , Posted by byu at 11:02 PM

Kissing a girl can be a very tricky thing especially if it the first time that you two are kissing. Before making your move, it is extremely important to ascertain if she also wants to go ahead with it or else you may end up doing severe damage to your existing relationship.

1. To know what’s on her mind, start by trying to move things from a friendly conversation to casual flirting or moderate sexual chat. If she does not try to change the topic and joins in then you are probably on the right track.

2. If she is thinking on the same lines as you, the next thing to consider is whether it is the right time and place to kiss her. While some girls may not have a problem kissing in front of other people, most of them would want to do it in a private place. A few good places to kiss are in the cinema, inside a car, at a party and while seeing her off at the end of a date.

3. Take her reaction with ease and do not be shocked if she behaves in an unexpected manner. Give a peck on her lips and watch her reaction. If she moves away, do not force her for more and give her time to gather herself.

4. Brush nicely and use a breath freshener before kissing as bad breath can be a huge put-off for anybody. You can also try saying nice things to her during the act of kissing. You could say things like I have never seen someone as beautiful as you or simply I love you.

5. Notice her reaction after the kiss as it may define the future course of your relationship. If she tries to change the subject, then probably she did not like what just happened between the two of you.

6. Hold her face gently while kissing but do not jump the gun by touching her breasts and never do that in a public place.

7. Stay clean shave as most girls do not like men to kiss them while sporting spiky facial hair. Use a nice smelling after shave. Listening to romantic music through ear plugs is a good way to start.

8. While kissing can be a nice experience, use of tongue during the first kiss should be avoided.

9. Do not rush with things and take one step at a time. Kiss her only if she really wants to do it and not just because she does not want to hurt you.

10. Let her know that you would like to be more than just friends otherwise you run the risk of getting stuck in that good friend’s only zone from where it will be almost impossible to come out.

Sometimes you may interpret her signals wrong. If a girl looks into your eyes it may be simply because she is listening to what you are saying and not otherwise. However, you should just know if it means anything else as she will give some sort of a signal. Use the above tips on how to kiss a girl to make it a memorable experience.

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