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The Most Cute and Hottest Girl Blogger Ever

December 5, 2009 , Posted by byu at 9:39 AM

Full name: Elly Tran Ha

Nationality: Vietnamese

Birthday: 06-08-1987

Heigth: 168cm

Weigth: 47kg

 Elly Tran Ha became an overnight sensation in Vietnam after she posted some really cute and sexy, but safe for work pictures on her blog.

 Have to say that the Vietnamese girls entering the stage these last few years are some of the hottest Asian girls around. It seems a lot of young girls are blogging inVietnam and by posting a few sexy and cute photos online they can become overnight sensations and famous. If you don´t see any postings from us for a few weeks, it is because we are on our way toVietnam.

Here's the Complete new picture set of Elly Tran ha the most beautiful Vietnam bloggers





























































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Currently have 8 Comments:

  1. Beautiful girls! Nice photos!

  1. Natalie says:

    Yeah, I've been kind of wondering who this girl is. I've been seeing lots of photos of her around the Internet and it turned out her name is Elly. Well she's got good marketing strategy to boost her blog.

  1. David A says:

    She has... the right stuff. I'm sure her blog is full of follows and comments. She is one hot girl.

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  1. Candy Palmer says:

    She's so hooot! I've seen photos of her around the net!

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