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Young Couple Sex Drive in the Tower Clock

November 26, 2009 , Posted by byu at 3:41 AM

 Sydney - young couple is so drunk with love, so they are desperate to make love in the tower clock in the afternoon heat and into the public's attention.

"I saw people pointing the top of the tower, they all look the same direction with a laugh.  When I saw it, just my size, "said a witness without mentioning his name and published in the Mail jepretannya Online, Wednesday (25/11).

"If viewed from the position, like the couple did not know they could be seen from bottom. They really enjoy the moment too, "said the witness said, laughing.

Up to now, still not known the couple's identity. AThere is a possibility they are a pair of students living in dormitories on the clock tower in Sydney. While the Australian media reacted with enough excitement and mystery partner wished to express their identity. [vin] [vin]


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