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World's Worst Traffic Jam

November 3, 2009 , Posted by byu at 10:07 AM

Traffic jam.. i'm sure every people in the world are really hate it.. because you can lose your precious time and get stuck on your car in an uncomforted situation.. but you must be grateful that your haven't in these situation.. a traffic jam from hell.. maybe this is the worst traffic jam which happen in the world.. OK here is the world's worst traffic jam..

First picture is taken from the window of Red Hat's offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, followed by various location around the world, with Russia featured quite prominently -

 Bucharest, Romania

Unregulated mess somewhere in Russia:


 Here is the classic traffic jam that terrorized Moscow Sadovoye Koltzo (ring road) in October 2007:


 This particular congestion is not actually a traffic jam. It happened in Italy during the strike, creating bottle-necks for trucks at the border:
(still very hairy situations with long waits involved) -


 Jacek Yerka's unique solution to urban traffic problems, in surreal light:

 (other sources: DRB)

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