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Weird and Mysterious Animal

November 1, 2009 , Posted by byu at 4:59 AM

Now in the world we have seen many weird animal and mysterious animal that can make us feel so scary, this phenomena drive a interest from a scientist to do a research about this animal, we haven't see this animal directly, so it needs more research, are they really exist??

1. Ahool

 Ahool are a creature which are like a bat but with a huge body, his wings length are more than 7 feet, this animal are once seen in java

2. Agogwe

 Agogwe are a creature like human but they have a small size which is like a gnome, once found at east africa

3. Andean Wolf

 This wolf, are usually seen on north america and arctic

4. Fox cat

 This fox cat are like a new carnivore that founded in kalimantan island (indonesia) they're bigger than normal cat and have a red fur, long tail, and they have long front foot.. this creature have a resemble from cat and fox

5. Tasmania Tiger

 This tiger are lived on a past, but now they've extinct but this creature are seen rarely on papua new guinea

6. Tsuchinoko

 a rare Snake Species that have a fat stomach that are like a bottle with a small tail, once seen in hokkaido japan.

7. Yeti

 Bigfoot lookalike, live in Himalaya area

8. Buru

 a 15 feet reptile that are black colored, found in himalaya, and now they've extinct

9. Jersey Devil

 A creature which are like a horse but have a wings like a bat and have a hand. this creature are standing with two foot. founded in new jersey USA.

10. Mokele Mbembe

 It Believe as a dinosaur which live in Congo

11. Mongolia Death Worm

 a Huge worm like a snake that are found on gobi desert that can kill it's enemy with his poisonous breath

12. Mothman

 Half human and half bat creature that doesn't have a neck, they have a wings and red eye.. first seen on 1966 and identified as UFH (Undidentified flying humanoid)

13. Ogopogo

 Sea Monster which are like a nessie from loch ness lake, the difference is this creature is found on Okanagan lake canada

How's that?? so mysterious huh??

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