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16 The Origin of Big Name Company

November 22, 2009 , Posted by byu at 4:38 PM


George Eastman is the founder of the company in 1888.  Eastman find a short name for the brand to be easier said reasons and only refers to the product. Then he said that he liked the letter "K" because it has a strong and vivid impression than the other letters. After that Eastman wanted to have a brand that begins and ends with the letter "K", after playing with the characters finally get a name KODAK


Nintendo's name when translated in English means "Leave Luck to Heaven".  Nintendo's own name is much more just before they wrestled in the field of video games, in the year 1889 has opened up business cards Japanese game called Hanafuda cards with design drawings of flowers.


Sega started its business in Hawaii in 1940 as a provider of standard game of Pinball machines provide entertainment for the soldiers of war.  In 1951, the company moved to Tokyo, Japan, and named himself "Service Games" to reflect the company's business in the field of game machines that use coins to meet the needs of American soldiers.  In 1965, Service Games merged with Rosen Enterprises and its name shortened to SEGA.


Modern Electronics companies like Nokia in the first place is not a cellular company it is today.  Companies established in 1865 a paper mill located in Tampere, Finland.  When the owner, Fredrik Idestam opened a second factory in Nokia, Finland, he wanted to name the city became a brand name.
Name the city was taken from a river that crosses the city, Nokianvirta River.


Toshiba was formed in 1939, is the result of the merger of two companies.  Tokyo Denki is a company engaged in consumer goods and machinery companies Shibaura Seisakusho. Taking a few letters in front of each company "TO" and "Shiba" then the Toshiba brand was born.


 Sanyo's name means "three oceans" in Japanese; founder of the company wants to sell their products through the Indian Ocean, Atlantic, and Pacific to reach the whole world.


Watch maker who took the name from the Japanese word that means "perfect" or "success".


When Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory the first time began to be developed in Japan, initially using a 35mm camera lens with a focal plane and shutter, the engineers say that this is the creation of "Kwanon", after the Buddhist goddess gives sign, when camera was ready for sale around the world on 1935, the company decided to slightly change the name to "Canon" that will be more easily accepted for the international market.


 Electronics manufacturers began in 1912 to the field of metal for to keep store personally Tokuji Hayakawa including specialists buttons buckles.  In 1915, Hayakawa increased demand into mechanical pencil known as the Ever-Sharp, and to appreciate his work, Hayakawa began calling the company's "Sharp."


Company founder Paul Galvin chose the name on the old naming convention spelling of place "-ola" at the end of the radio names such as the Victrola. SSince Galvin and the company that makes radios that can be taken anywhere, he combined the word "motor" with "-ola" to get the brand name.


 Samsung was first started in 1938 when Lee Byung-Chull open "Samsung Store" in Korea. TStores are initially focused on the export of dried fish and fruit, but jumped into the electronics in the 1960s. Samsung is a Korean language which means "three stars," which signaled a fortune from the number three.


Stands for Advanced Micro Device.

13.Apple, Inc.

At the beginning of standing, the company Steve Jobs still not have a name for about 3 months. By the time Steve Jobs ate the apple fruit, he got idea to name the company with the name Apple.


Casio is the beginning of the sub-contactor factory. Casio's name is taken from the name of the founder, Tadao Kashio.


Derived from the word Computer and interpret Pack a small computer that is integrated, in accordance with their first product which is very compact Compaq Portable.


Stands for Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to life.

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