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Pet Food Dispenser for Busy Pet Owners

October 29, 2009 , Posted by byu at 2:25 AM

Maitre D’og is a device that helps in preparing adequate amount of food for your pet. You just need to select settings on control interface to start timer and when timer expires, digital scales disperse proper amount. Once the food is ready, a pleasant tone sounds and your pet can eat food in the tray. Maitre Dog features a convenient dry food scoop for convenient and mess free filling. The tray can be easily removed and cleaned where food is served. This product reduces your headache to prepare and serve food to your pet timely.

Andrew Au says :
Maitre D’og is an automatic daily pet food dispenser for pet owners with busy schedules. Long hours at work, frequent business trips and occasional after work social gatherings interfere with a consistent feeding schedule for pets. Maitre D’og ensures your best friend is getting fed on time

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