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The Marriage Record Holder - Engkong Asan

October 31, 2009 , Posted by byu at 4:11 AM

Maybe the world must be crazy, there's so many weird and bizarre things that happen in our lovely crazy world, like the previous news about a blind love of wok kundur and mohd nor, and now we have another shocking news, this news comes from Indonesia, this man are holding the record for his 94 times marriage!!!

Masan shaggy AKA Engkong Asan (74) are well known in Kelurahan Petir, Cipondoh, Tangerang town. The motorcycle taxis in this area know very well that the house is located in Kampung Ketapang Poncol. They will show you his house when we ask about where Masan live

Masan is known as the record holder who marries 94 women. His name famous since it appeared on television two-to-time to recount experiences of married 94 times. Engkong Asan was not bored bored-told story of his life. "Not because engkong want arrogant, but that is the era of the past," he said. Now, at his old ages, Asan no longer have the desire to increase his wife.

The Last time Asan married in 2004. At that time, he married Tukiyem (50), widowed traditional restaurant owner in Tangerang. When Asan propose to marry, the woman said that to have no children. Later, Asan knew that Tukiyem already have three children. Asan also divorce her as his 94th wives.

According Engkong, he always seeks fair to all the woman his marry. Engkong not determine the amount of money given to his wife-his wife is. Engkong Asan gives each spouse a capital between hundreds of thousands and millions of rupiah.

"The money I give is usually used as capital or small shop selling clothes. If I did not come, wives can I bring the needs of living for her and children, "said Asan. He did not like women that are only waiting for money from the husband.

Now, in Cipondoh, Asan live with Nasuroh, the 25th women which he marries. In addition Nasuroh, Sauni is also still women who are the wife of Asan. Sauni is the 30th woman that he marries. And now they currently live in Depok. Meanwhile, 92 other women , some have died, the other has divorce.

According to Asan, Nasuroh and Sauni is the most faithful and most know about him.

Masan-Nasuroh has two children both are part of 16 Asan’s sons, according to asan, one of his son was marries 5 woman, and asan told his son for don’t follow what he do, because there’s a difference about a past and today.

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