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The Highest Women in the World

October 1, 2009 , Posted by byu at 10:42 AM

This is a list of top women in the world today. The highest came from the bamboo curtain country, as well as the world's tallest man also came from mainland China. Most assume, people with such high it will be difficult to move. But it's not well. Some of them succeed as athletes sports (basketball), college, and worked like the others.

1. Yao Defen ( 7ft 8in - 233 cm) Yao Defen (7ft 8in - 233 cm)

Yao Defen currently regarded as the tallest woman in the world with a height reaching 233 cm.  It weighs 200 kg and measuring 78 feet (EU) or 26 (UK). . Gigantism symptoms suffered due to a tumor in the gland under the brain.

2. Sandy Allen (7 ¼ in 7ft - 232 cm)

 Sandy Allen appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records since 1976 until 2008, when he died - as the tallest woman in the world. High as 232 cm.

3. Malgorzata Dydek (7ft 2in - 218 cm)

  Malgorzata (aka Margo) Dydek, a basketball player in America, reaching 218 cm high.

4. Zainab Bibi (7ft 2in - 218 cm)

 Zainab Bibi, (218 cm), currently living in England because he felt his life disrupted in his hometown, Pakistan.

5. Uljana Semjonova (7ft - 213 cm)

High as 213 cm, Uljana Semjonova from Latvia is famous basketball player in the world in his time, between the years 1970 to 1980-an.

6. Gitika Srivastava (6ft 11in - 211 cm)

 Gitika Srivastava, an American basketball player who came from India, reaching 211 cm high.

7. Malee Duangdee (6ft 10in - 208 cm)
 Malee Duangdee, tall woman with a 208 cm tall is from Thailand.

8. Caroline Welz (6ft 9in - 206 cm)

 This is the tallest woman in Germany, Caroline Welz (20 years) with 206 cm tall.

9. Rita Miniva besa (6ft 8in -203 cm)

Rita lived in the United States, while originally from Zambia, height 203 cm.

10. Heather Greene (6ft 5 ½ in - 196 cm)

 Heather Greene, lived in Las Vegas, the high "only" 196 cm.


Trijntje Kever, Women Throughout the History of the Supreme (255 cm)

In fact in human history, the world's tallest woman is Trijntje Kever, to reach 255 cm tall and live in the Hague (Netherlands) in 1616-1633.  Year 1625 was the first woman arrived at the Hague with the circus. At that time a new high of about 2 m. Furthermore each year he visited the Hague and died at the age of 17 years in the year 1633. At that height has reached 255 cm.

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